Is anyone still here? If not that’s okay babbus masterlist still loves you no matter where you are

Would I able able to reserve Ezio? :0 I can't believe he's still open!

Yes you are able uvu <3 He is reserved c:

Hi Masterlist-sama. I was watching your tumblr page and I just find it amazing. I wanna participate but im not very good in english and that can be a problem, So I want to ask you your opinion about that. So ... (:

Thank you so much! uvu

I’ve had many rp experiences and I’ve had many (and still have) roleplay partners who are not native English speakers.  Their skills range and some are stronger with the grammar and spelling than others but 9 times out of 10 it’s because they’ve had more practice writing the language.  To be honest, I don’t have a problem rping with those whose native language isn’t English.  Roleplaying is about fun!  Most will not be expecting perfection anyway, especially if you explain to your partner that you’re not strong with English!

In conclusion, if you want to roleplay in English, I say go for it!  I’m sure if your partner is understanding, they won’t find a problem with it and may even help you out while playing!  I reiterate, roleplaying is for fun!  So as long as you’re having fun, do what you want <3

I hope this was helpful uvu

P.S. Excuse us for being late in responding! Real life has been a poop

Apologies, Masterlist-sama, but I'm going to have to ask for a 3 week haitus. Gotta chase down that muse again.

noooo problem doll uvu <3 we’ll put you down for a hiatus! 

Perhaps I'll come back one day but for now drop all my characters, please u_u

all right ;u; thank you for all the good times and we’ll welcome you if you decide to return

Safety and peace babbu <3333

Masterlist, I fear I may have to give up the foxy grandmaster... I know I wasn't very active, but my Ass Cred muse is just not around anymore and I don't want to keep a major character tied up when someone *~AWESOME~* could be doing a fantastic job instead.

no prob uvu sometimes, the muse just doesn’t cooperate! 

But thanks for the notice and for being considerate C: <3333 see you around babbu

Hi there, I've started an RP account for the barber from brotherhood - it ok to join in?

Yep! Sorry for the late reply c:

Basically, all you have to do is ask to reserve a character (which you just did, I will reserve The Barber for you c: ) and then within a week, make the blog you would like for the Barber! 

Once you’ve done that, just drop an ask real quick and let us know the blog is ready and we’ll add you to the list! 

Be sure to read the rules! And you’re set! c: 

Hello masterlist-sama. I re-booted Atasa:ta - he will now be much more active. I apologise greatly for the trouble.

it’s aaAAAAAaall good <3 welcome back babbu!

heeere's desmond uwu

welcome~~! <3

can i reserve desmond please? ;v;

yes you may <3 uvu please immerse yourself in knowledge (aka read our group rules please!) and let Masterlist-sama know when the blog is up and ready!

Now Available
  • Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad
  • Rauf
One classy colonial grandmaster requested, one delivered! Haytham Kenway, reporting in.


Reserving Haytham if he's still available! AC!T can never have too many classy gentlemen. ;)

DO IT. <3 

Be sure to read the rules and notify us when the blog is all set to go go go uvu

All set :) manytimes-aloss

welcome babbu!

so i'm totally gonna ask if i can reserve washington c: and join AC!T because i can. and, i was wondering, since i'll be creating a new account for AC if i can do a joint blog off of that for my OC from ACIII and be able to rp within the community? since its still assassins creed. i hope that made sense lol. but yeah.

Yes you may do this uvu Masterlist-sama unfortunately cannot add you to the list of characters but if your OC is in the ACverse, then yes you can rp with anyone you wish and anyone who wishes can go on adventures with you uvu That’s not a problem!

Remember to read the rules and notify the Masterlist when your blog is set up! <33333 welcome aboard